Guiding Principles

Our Purpose

We exist to improve the quality of life for patients and consumers by developing and producing cutting edge products.

Our Mission

We consistently exceed our client’s expectations and requirements through our strategic leadership, quality science and operational excellence.

Our Vision

We bring superior research, validation and testing solutions to customers around the world.

Our Values

Technical Mastery

We aspire to the highest levels of technical mastery in all we do.


We define accountability as the obligation of each individual to account for his/her activities, accept responsibility and disclose the results in a timely and transparent manner. This obligation extends to our iuvo BioScience family, our trusted clients and our shareholders.


Integrity is a cornerstone priority for every employee. Operating with integrity means being truthful in all aspects of our service – to each other, to our clients and to our partners. In addition to integrity in behaviors, we also strive for organizational and strategic integrity.


Leadership is expected of each of us, and is defined as the ability to see the big picture and translate that understanding into specific, tangible actions within our role.

Open and Candid Dialogue

We practice the art of open and candid dialogue with the goal of ensuring transparency in all we do internally and externally. It is accomplished in a way that is constructive, respectful and always with a focus on continuous improvement.