iuvo BioScience was founded in 1978 as Sterilization Testing Services (STS), which provided ethylene oxide sterilization services along with associated ethylene oxide residual analysis, microbiology testing and in vivo toxicology testing. 

In 2002, when the company had acquired a packaging facility suitable for medical device work, Ethox International, a medical device manufacturing firm located in Buffalo, NY, purchased STS. The packaging business was incorporated into the Buffalo operation, and the ethylene oxide sterilization portion of the business became part of a modern sterilization facility that was a wholly owned subsidiary of Ethox and was relocated in Erie, PA.  The laboratory functions of the two companies were then consolidated in Rush, NY.

Ethox International was purchased by Moog, Inc. in January of 2009, and became part of the Moog Medical Devices business group until June of 2013, at which time Ethox International was sold.  Under Moog, the Life Science laboratory facility was renamed MMDR, Inc. and the ethylene oxide sterilization facility was MMC Sterilization Services Group, Inc. (MMC). 

iuvo BioScience was founded in March 2015 through the acquisition of the MMDR and MMC business segments from Moog, Inc.  In 2016, iuvo BioScience divested the sterilization portion of the business, selling it to Cosmed Group, Inc. and maintains a partnership with Cosmed, providing laboratory services for the sterilization business in addition to directly for customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.  iuvo is now wholly focused on the laboratory services business located in Rush, New York, and investing to actively expand the services offered.

Throughout the 40+ years of history of the company, iuvo BioScience has maintained long lasting relationships with its customers due to its impeccable service and connection to the needs of each individual business.