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At iuvo, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of new developments in testing and regulatory changes affecting the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. We will share these updates regularly here in our blog - Exhaustive Extractions.

Dr. Christopher Houston is the Director of Analytical Chemistry at iuvo BioScience. Prior to joining iuvo, Chris was a Senior Principal Scientist at Bausch & Lomb for ten years. In this time, he led the centralized mass spectrometry facility, co-founded and led a collaborative multidisciplinary spectroscopy group focused on scientific problem solving and elucidation of unknown chemical entities, and established Bausch + Lomb’s successful program for Extractables & Leachables (E&L) that extended from new product development to management of post-market packaging changes.

Chris is an world-recognized subject matter expert in E&L, particularly in ophthalmology; a frequent speaker at E&L meetings; and a member of the PQRI Working Group on E&L in Parenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Products (PODP).

Chris began his career at Pharmacia & Upjohn (which later became Pharmacia Corp, then Pfizer) as an analytical project lead responsible for chromatographic method development and validation. In this role, he also created a strategy for E&L in ophthalmic drug products and founded an analytical laboratory focused on solving problems and providing rapid directional studies during pharmaceutical development.

Chris has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan – Flint where he was involved in a drug-design research program involving chemical synthesis and characterization of the products by cyclic voltammetry and mass spectrometry. He holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry with a minor in Biochemistry from Indiana University – Bloomington where he utilized matrix-assisted laser desorption / ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOFMS) to study chemical modifications of proteins in the solving of biochemical problems.

Chris is a 1600+ hour instrument-rated private pilot and lives in the Rochester area with his wife, a music teacher, and daughter.

PQRI and Leachables in Ophthalmic Drug Products

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The author, Dr. Chris Houston, serves on the PQRI-PODP working group as well as a sub-group for Ophthalmics, which is led by iuvo Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mary Richardson.


I recently attended the 3rd FDA/PQRI Conference on Advancing Product Quality held March 22-24, 2017 in Rockville, MD. I was invited to speak about pending output from the PQRI Working Group on Extractables and Leachables in Parenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Products (PODP) with respect to best practices in ophthalmic drug products.

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