Tartan Holdings, LLC Acquires Real Estate and Assets from Moog Inc. – Launches iuvo BioScience

Rochester, NY – On Friday, March 27, 2015, Tartan Holdings, LLC (Rochester, NY) purchased real estate and assets from Moog Inc. (East Aurora, NY). The real estate and assets from MMC Sterilization (Erie, PA) and Moog Medical Devices Rochester (Rush, NY) have been acquired by Tartan Holdings, LLC for an undisclosed sum. In conjunction with this acquisition, Tartan Holdings, LLC has launched a new company, iuvo BioScience. 

According to Ben Burton, CEO of Tartan Holdings, LLC and President of iuvo BioScience, “We are very excited to have completed this acquisition, and are looking forward to the future. We would like to thank our colleagues at Moog Inc. for their professionalism, diligence and collaboration through the entire process.”

iuvo BioScience will operate both facilities under the same company banner. The Erie, PA site provides commercial-scale, 100% ethylene oxide sterilization services for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The Rush, NY facility provides contract laboratory and testing services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the following broad areas: in-vivo and in-vitro (including ISO standard-compliant biocompatibility, lot release, and general toxicology testing), analytical chemistry (HPLC, GC, compendial testing, etc.) and microbiological testing (compendial testing, bacteriostasis / fungistasis, sterility, bioburden, etc).

Burton continues: “Our vision is to leverage the strengths of the people and the organization – collaborative, hard-working, solution-oriented, customer-focused – to transform the business from a tactical service provider to a fully-integrated virtual R&D organization that serves the entire spectrum of needs for partners in the medical device and bio/pharmaceutical industries. Starting with a focus on exquisite science and customer service, iuvo BioScience will guide each partner through the Research and Development process to registration and apply our expertise to solve problems – because we strongly believe that “our partners’ goals are our goals.”

iuvo BioScience has offered all current employees at both locations roles within the new company. In addition, Burton says that two current contract employees have been converted to full time at the Erie location, and that hiring will continue this year and beyond as the business grows and transforms.

As part of the acquisition, co-founder Mary Richardson, Ph.D., DABT will also join iuvo BioScience as Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer. A board-certified toxicologist, Dr. Richardson brings an immediate enhancement to the already talented team at iuvo BioScience. “I am truly excited to join iuvo BioScience, and look forward to help drive this exciting transformation.”