iuvo InSights Newsletter 2017-12 – Happy Holidays!

Hello, and Happy Holidays!

Welcome to our first edition of “iuvo InSights”, our newly established monthly newsletter.  There are a number of very exciting things happening at iuvo BioScience, and across the industry – and each month this newsletter will provide a sampling of the things we are doing, what we are seeing and how we can use these insights to help you…our Customer.

Holiday Card Mouse

In this edition (and in the months to come), you can expect to see commentary on emerging regulations impacting the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, a “Technology of the Month” section (this month’s featured technology is our Extractable / Leachable and chemical characterization testing), and links to recent blog posts we have published.  The primary goal is to give you a view into who we are, what we are doing, and how we can serve you.  We will also be rolling out a “Meet the Scientist” segment where we will highlight the members of our team who truly make a difference every day…stay tuned!

One final item: I will share each month one of the books I am currently reading.  Right now, I am reading the biography “George Washington” by Ronald Churnow – I have long been a student of leadership, and what better place to start is with one of our founding fathers!  Knowing I will need to report back to you on my completion next month will help keep me motivated to complete this tome in the coming weeks.

Until next month, I want to wish each of you a very happy, peaceful and restful Holiday Season.