Keen understanding of microbiology is critical for sterile products – ophthalmic therapeutics and devices are no different. Oculos has been developing sterile ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and medical devices for decades, and has a unique expertise in the microbiological aspects of these products. The full service microbiology laboratory at Oculos, powered by experienced industry veterans, gives our clients comfort that their needs will be well served.

Oculos microbiological services and capabilities are as follows:

  • Preservative identification/recommendation
  • Sterility testing
  • Bioburden testing
  • Endotoxin testing
  • Preservative-efficacy testing (PET)/Antimicrobial-effectiveness testing (AET)
  • Regimen testing (contact lens care solutions)
  • Biofilm development/evaluation
  • Sterilization validation (gamma, e-beam, steam, ethylene oxide)
  • BI testing (D-value, population)/steam and EO Bier Vessel)
  • Environmental monitoring (viable, non-viable)