Medical Devices

iuvo has decades of experience serving the medical device industry, helping medical device companies with all levels of testing.  Whether through early stage research; to biocompatibility, stability and aging studies in support of filing for product approval; right through to product release and environmental testing of manufacturing areas, iuvo has experience to help get your product to market.

Although iuvo was founded in 2015, the company continues a tradition of collaborating with medical device companies which started with the company’s founding as STS over 40 years ago.  In addition, many of our technical leaders sit on the standard setting boards such as AAMI, so we stay up to date on the changing regulations to ensure we can provide you with the best advice on how to effectively take your product to market.

Our experts in toxicology, microbiology, and analytical chemistry are ready to help support your device testing needs and to work with you, hand in hand, through the approval process.

Testing Services