Pharmacokinetic / Toxicokinetic Services

Whether a standalone study, or a component of a larger toxicology study, the iuvo BioScience team conducts the in vivo studies to evaluate bioavailability and pharmacokinetic profile of your compound.  We will work with you to design the studies and help work through details of animal model, dosing route (e.g, po, sc, im, iv, ip, topical), dosing frequency and blood/plasma/serum tissue requirements.  Animal models we have available include mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig and rabbit.  For ocular drugs, our team has expertise in timely dissection and isolation of the individual ocular tissues and fluids.

On your behalf, iuvo BioScience partners with bioanalytical laboratories and pharmacokineticists to provide method development and validation, as necessary, and then characterization of the PK profile of your compound.